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v60 .


How to Make
Coffee ?

v60 is a cone that provides full contact of water and coffee with its spiral structure and 60 degree angle. This manual method provides excellent pour over brewing with its paper filter. Methodology is based on the power of gravity and you are in complete control. So it is easy to experiment with extraction parameters such as water temperature, grind size and coffee/water ratio.

There are 2 models (01 or 02) of v60 drippers. These numbers represent the size of the dripper. You can brew a maximum of 20 gr (300ml) of coffee in one go with 01, and you can brew up to 40 gr (600ml) coffee at a time with 02. 

Although there are plastic and glass models, porcelain drippers are generally preferred.

Chemex is often compared to Hario v60 dripper. Although they look very similar from the outside, there are important differences between them. You can find out the differences in Chemex page.

"How to brew v60 ?"  is quite a popular question. As we can brew different coffees by changing many different parameters, we also have some unchangeable rules. First of all, we need a consistent grind to have same size coffee grounds, timer, coffee scale and swan neck kettle.

Grind Size

Grind Size

Grind size matters. If it is too fine, your filter will easily get clogged while brewing your coffee and your time will be longer. This will result in an over-extracted coffee. 

Select your favorite whole bean and grind 15 g of it to medium-fine coarse. (for 250 ml water)

If you use a burr grinder, you will take more consistent results.

v60 pour over brewing, which has been very popular lately, can enable you to reveal all the characteristics of coffee if applied correctly.

Here is

Put filter paper into your v60, and place it on top of your mug.  Wet the filter paper with hot water before use. Rinsing gets rid of the paper smell and taste. 

Place 15 grams of ground coffee in the filter. Make sure the coffee surface is flat, do not press on the coffee bed.

Heat 250 ml of water to 94 ° C.  

Gently pour 50 ml of water (at 94°C), stir with a wooden spoon and wait for the drain for about 40 seconds.(Bloom time 40 secs) With this method it is aimed to remove the carbon dioxide of the coffee (degassing).

Slowly pour the remaining 200 ml of water into the coffee in equal proportions, with circular movements outward for 1 minute. Stir again once the pour is complete.

It will take 2.30-2.45 minutes for all the water to drain from the coffee and to complete the brewing. Stir your coffee before serving.


Tips for v60 Coffee


Pour the water in a circular pattern from the outside of the filter towards the centre.

Water Temperature

A high temperature of the water will over-extract the coffee, while a low temperature will cause it to dissolve less (under-extract).

Coffee / Water Ratio

Recommended ratio is 16.6.


For 15 mg coffee, 250 ml water should be used.

Do Remember !

For a medium strength coffee experience, it can be brewed with finely ground coffee and medium speed water flow.

For a strong coffee experience, it can be brewed with finely ground coffee and slow water flow.

For a lightly strong coffee experience, you can brew with medium ground coffee and medium speed water flow.


Making cold & hot brew  in French Press is so easy.

Click to learn how to use a French Press and be a talented home barista in making coffee in French Press coffee maker.



A unique blend of Kenya and Rwanda Arabica beans featuring an aromatic, smooth, well-rounded flavour.

An excellent choice for those who want to enjoy fruit flavor and experience unique African aromas in their coffee. Perfect with or without milk.


Result of ÉNKOLO's experience in the selection of the best beans from East Africa and a longer-lasting roasting.

Perfect for the real espresso lover who wants to enjoy an authentic Italian coffee shops experience.

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