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Ugandan coffees are quite different from other African coffees. Low acidity, mild-tasting coffees often contain notes of chocolate, tobacco and dried fruit.

Uganda Coffee


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Coffee .

We can almost say that Uganda is the homeland of Robusta. Robusta, which was grown naturally around Lake Victoria in the early 1800s, started to be grown in gardens by the local people in later periods. Coffee beans, which have an important place in the local culture, were consumed in the form of drinks and chewing.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Asian and European settlers brought Arabica beans to the country and began to grow them. In the following period, both Robusta and Arabica production continued simultaneously.

In the early 2000s, 20% of Ugandan society made a living from the coffee industry. So much so that 60% of the country's exports between 1996-2000 were coffee.

Currently, 60% of the coffee bean production in the country is Robusta and 40% is Arabica.

Küresel Üretim Sıralaması
Global Production Ranking

Global Production Ranking


Annual Average Production

Annual Average Production

5,000,000 *

* In 60 kg bags




Lake Victoria 

West Nile 

West of Uganda

Arabica Varieties

Arabica Varieties






Harvesting Period


January - February

April- August

Tadım Notları

The most concentrated areas of Ugandan Arabica production are the Rwenzori Mountain in the west and along the Congo border, and the Mount Elgon region in the east. The high altitude of Rwenzori and the volcanic soil properties of Mount Elgon provide a unique growing environment.

We can divide the Arabica beans grown in Uganda into 2 groups as WUGAR and DRUGAR. DRUGAR (Dry Uganda Arabica) is known as cheap and low quality Arabica beans. The origin of these cores is not traceable and uncertainty prevails in the supply chain. From the production to the import of the kernel, there are many brokers in between and this leads to a lower income for the farmer.

WUGAR (Washed Uganda Arabica) represents washed Arabica beans mostly sourced from western Uganda. These beans are also called "Bugishu" or "Bugisu" and are in high demand with their wine & fruity aroma.

Notes .

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Today .

Uganda is the 7th largest coffee producer in the world. With $550 million, coffee is Uganda's largest export product, with approximately 2 million people working in the coffee industry.

85% of Ugandan coffee production is carried out by small-scale farmers. In this context, we can say that it is similar to Ethiopia and Kenya.

The increase in quality coffee production and the interest in east African coffees increase our belief that Uganda will be the rising star of coffee.

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A unique blend of Kenya and Rwanda Arabica beans featuring an aromatic, smooth, well-rounded flavour.

An excellent choice for those who want to enjoy fruit flavor and experience unique African aromas in their coffee. Perfect with or without milk.


Result of ÉNKOLO's experience in the selection of the best beans from East Africa and a longer-lasting roasting.

Perfect for the real espresso lover who wants to enjoy an authentic Italian coffee shops experience.

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