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ÉNKOLO at a glance.

We’re driven by our purpose: To make sustainable farming by developing every step of value chain.

ÉNKOLO is a unique blend of ancestral processing and roasting techniques handed down by Africans for over 100 years in order to extract finest flavour notes.

Our Company
Afrika Kahvesi

Coffee beans grown at an altitude of over 1500 meters above sea level are hand-picked and carefully processed to create clean flavour and consistent profile.

As ÉNKOLO plant-based products contain solely African coffee beans, our coffees are fruity, floral and well-balanced thanks to rich volcanic soils of Africa.


ÉNKOLO believes developing every step of value chain is crucial.

We are committed to supporting local small-scale farmers to produce organic, all-natural coffee by building transparent supply chains.

Becoming climate and nature positive is key to a sustainable farming and for our well-being.


We are also proud to be a 100% African Brand.

ÉNKOLO is expertly hand-roasted and hand-packed here in Africa, at source.  

Hereby added value is retained in Africa and better enabling support local labor force and empower communities.

Thank you for choosing ÉNKOLO and helping Africa to help itself. 



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Our Company

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Biz kimiz
fair trade
made in africa
shade grown
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