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Macadamia Nut (Macadamias) with palmitoleic acid (Omega-7) content is essential for the ketogenic diet due to their high fat composition.

Macadamia Nuts
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What is
Macadamia Nuts (Macadamias) ?

Macadamia nut, which has spread to the world from the continent of Australia, is 2 times larger, smoother and more oily than the hazelnut. Palmitoleic acid containing Macadamias is indispensable for the keto diet with its high fat content.

Macadamia is the seed of a plant belonging to the Proteacea family. It has 3 varieties;
• Macademia intergrifolia
• Macademia tetraphylla
• Macademia ternifolia (used only in the cosmetics industry)

Macadamia is a round and light colored nut. The outer shell is quite rough and very tough to break. Like all other tropical fruits, it pairs perfectly with coffee, lemon and coconut.

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Macadamia, which was grown and consumed by the Aborigines, started to be cultivated by the Europeans who came to the island later on. Although Europeans initially thought the fruit was toxic, they soon realized that it was not. Chemist John Macadam was the first European to grow this tree and gave the tree its name. In the early 1900s, the fruit, which was brought to the USA, began to be grown especially in southern California and Hawaii.

Macadamia cultivation requires special conditions. The regions where these conditions are met are limited. Macadamia nuts are grown in hot and rainy climates (16-25 ° C) can withstand a maximum of 3 ° C cold. A macadamia tree begins to bear fruit after about 7-10 years. All these harsh growing conditions make it the most expensive nut in the world. Today, macadamia nuts are grown mostly in Hawaii, Australia, Kenya and the Republic of South Africa. 

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Global Production 

Global Production 


South Africa



Uganda, Costa Rica

Annual Average Production

Annual Average Production

22.2 million



Macadamia in Africa

Macadamia in Africa


South Africa




Macadamia Varieties

Macadamia Varieties




Harvesting Period


Autumn - Spring

Arabica Üretimi

According to the USDA, macadamias are of high nutritional value. It contains fibers, calcium, magnesium, manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin E (tocotrienol), zinc, copper, iron, potassium and selenium.

This nut, which has a higher fat content (78%) than other hazelnut types, contains high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3 and Omega-7). Monounsaturated fats are called "good fats" and help lower LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol). The American Heart Association recommends choosing foods with monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fats instead of saturated fats or trans fats.

Macadamias, which do not contain cholesterol and sodium, are fibrous and very innocent in terms of carbohydrates. 28 g hazelnuts contain about 4 g carbohydrates and 1 g sugar. This feature makes it an excellent food for a low glycemic index and keto diet.

Health Benefits
Nutrition Facts.

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A 2007 clinical trial* in men with high cholesterol showed that they had lower risk factors for coronary artery disease after eating macadamia nuts for 4 weeks.

Another clinical trial** shows that macadamia nuts help improve glycemic control in people with type 2 diabetes.

According to the USDA, 28g of macadamia nuts (roasted, unsalted) contain the following ingredients:

• Calories: 204 kcal
• Fat: 21.6g
• Carbohydrates: 3.8g
• Fiber: 2.3g
• Sugars: 1.2g
• Protein: 2.2g




Can Dogs Eat Macadamia Nuts ?

No ! This type of nuts are toxic to dogs and bad for them. 



ÉNKOLO macadamias are dry roasted, with no added oils. Then, we add the perfect amount of sea salt to enhance the nuts’ naturally buttery flavor.

It helps to lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, both of which promote heart health.

How Many Calories & Carbs in Macadamia Nuts ?

In 28g of Macadamia nuts (roasted, unsalted) 


204 kcal


Why are
Macadamia Nuts
so Expensive ?

So why are macadamias so expensive? This type of nut is sold at a higher price than other hazelnuts. Of course there is a good reason for this. First of all, it is a very healthy and rich fruit. Macadamia, which contains more monounsaturated fats (Omega-7 and Omega-3) compared to other types of hazelnuts, is a high calorie nutritious nut. This feature makes it a unique food for the ketogenic diet.

Palmitoleic Acid (Omega-7) contained in macadamia is not found in any other fruit. Palmitoleic acid (Omega-7) can be produced by the human body up to a certain age. This acid is produced even less as we age.

Macadamia oil, which has moisturizing properties, has been used frequently in the cosmetic industry recently.

The interest of people who do not consume dairy products has recently turned to plant-based milk. Non-dairy macadamia milk is a good option for vegans.


Finally, this nut is extremely difficult to grow. It takes a long time and special conditions. All these factors make macadamias the most expensive nut in the world.


Are Macadamias Healthy ?

Good for You

It contains high levels of antioxidants (flavonoids) and monounsaturated fats.


All these ingredients contribute positively to cardiovascular health, glycemic control and anti-inflammation.

Bad for You

Although it is a healthy food, excessive consumption will cause you to take in excess fat and calories.

Also, some people have allergies to nuts or peanuts.

If you are allergic to tree nuts, you may also be allergic to macadamia. To avoid this life-threatening case, we recommend that you consult your doctor before consuming.

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