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Have a question ? Here are frequently asked questions.

We have gathered the questions we hear frequently from our customers on one page.

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Matoke African Coffee İletişim
Frequently Asked Questions
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What is the best time to consume coffee ?

It is widely recommended to start consuming filter coffee at the earliest 1 week after the roasting date, and for espresso 21 days at the earliest. We recommend that you do not consume before these times.

Coffee has a shelf life of 2 years unopened and 1 year after opening.

Why don't we roast according to the taste of every country ?

Each coffee bean is unique and its quality varies according to many different factors. This is why it is so important for the coffee roaster to recognize the coffee. For this reason, we work with local roasters who know the characteristics of the harvest very well and are experts only in this coffee

What are the Coffee Roasting Types?

We can summarize the types of coffee roasting in 3 groups; Light, medium and dark. However, a special roasting profile must be created for each bean to reveal its own characteristics. In this way, acidity, aroma, body and flavor are optimally captured.
When the coffee beans are roasted less, acidity is revealed, and when they are roasted more, bitter flavors are revealed.

What is Light Roast Coffee ?

It is a light-bodied coffee that has been roasted for less time. Roasting is finished after the first cracking sound. If the beans have fruity and floral aromas, these aromas are preserved and a soft-tasting coffee is obtained. It is ideal for those who cannot drink milk & black coffee or those who want to catch the aromas of coffee.

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