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Coffee Bags

 What are Coffee Bags ?

Coffee bags are basically tea bags, but instead of tea, they have freshly ground coffee. That means that with coffee bags, you get all the flavour of freshly roasted coffee, but in an easy to use, no mess format.  

They come individually wrapped and wrapped up in a box and this helps keep them fresh and they can be used anywhere as long as you have hot water and a mug. 


They are quick to open and brew with no need for any additional equipment or knowledge, it's as simple as placing a bag in a cup and brewing much like you would with a tea bag. Stir, squeeze, brew and then enjoy! 

They also give you the convenience that instant coffee provides but a thousand times better. Coffee bags are an excellent choice for those addicted to coffee who can’t adjust to instant coffee.

How to Grind Beans

What is the difference between coffee bags and instant coffee ?

The best thing about them is that they are not instant coffee. They are the next level up and closer to a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

Coffee Bags are just simply good fresh ground coffee put into brewable bags, that's it. The coffee in the bags is no different from the ground coffee you know. Ground coffee in bags is more expensive and better than instant coffee in terms of the quality of coffee beans, flavor, and caffeine content. That’s not up for debate. Only 30% of the ground coffee in coffee bags will dissolve to create a cup of coffee.

On the other hand, instant coffee is made by spray dry or frozen dry and is the cheapest form of coffee available on the market. It undergoes a lot of processing and refinement before it's put into tins.Instant coffee completely dissolves when water is added.  Mostly, instant coffee contains the lowest quality coffee beans and that has a huge negative effect on flavour. Also instant coffee contains slightly less caffeine than coffee bags. (A cup of instant coffee comes with 60 to 80mg of caffeine. A cup of brewed coffee comes with 80 to 120mg of caffeine.)

With coffee bags you may enjoy a barista-quality brew at home in under 5 minutes with no equipment needed.  

How to brew a coffee bag?

They perform the same way tea bags work. You simply need hot water and your coffee mug to enjoy the coffee. Simply add the coffee bag to the mug, pour boiled water, and brew for about two minutes. There are about 9 grams of coffee in each coffee bag so they will provide a strong flavour you can enjoy.

- Put the kettle on. Remember to only fill the kettle with as much water as you might need. Filling it for one cup isn't the best practice for the environment. 

- Simply pop 1 coffee bag into your favourite mug. The bag might be a bit bigger than what you’re familiar with. There is about 4x more coffee in our bags than traditional tea bags. 

- After the kettle has boiled, wait 30 seconds (you don’t want to burn the coffee) then drench the bag with boiling water just like you would a tea bag. The coffee grounds soak up the water and release CO2 as a result of this process called blooming the coffee. Burning the coffee will return a bitter aftertaste, whenever you brew coffee make sure you don’t burn it. If you taste a burnt/bitter taste from your cup then now you know why! 

- Let your coffee bag sit for 3 to 4 minutes. If you usually like your coffee strong then leave it in for 4, if you prefer a lighter finish then 3 minutes should be plenty. The coffee bag will inflate a little, when it does press it against the side of your mug a few times, just to make sure you’re extracting as much of that coffee goodness as possible.

- Make sure you squeeze all of the water from the coffee bag. It’s as easy as that! 

Tips and Tricks


What do they taste like?

Coffee bags make coffee that tastes like freshly filtered coffee as bags keep coffee fresh for an extended period.


How do we do that? Since oxygen is what makes ground coffee go stale fast, if you prevent oxidation you can preserve freshness in coffee. The coffee tea bags will smell fresh because they are nitrogen-sealed individually as soon as they are ground to preserve the flavor and aroma. So when you pop open one of our coffee bags, it will smell like it’s off the grinder.

Where does the coffee inside the Matoke coffee bags come from?

The coffee inside the coffee bags comes from the same place as all of our ground coffee and beans - from Africa.


Matoke coffee bags use freshly roasted and ground coffee neatly wrapped in a compostable bag, then Nitrogen flushed and individually sealed in a foil sachet to maximise and preserve freshness.

Advantages of them

You no longer have to take time to prepare your coffee, and most importantly everything is filtered in the bag for you to enjoy your fresh and clear cup of coffee. 

If you live a very busy life, you can’t be bothered with a coffee machine and you want something super quick that tastes pretty decent then coffee bags are an option.

Conscious of your environmental footprint?

Several coffee bag brands use polypropylene, a sealing plastic, to keep their coffee bags from falling apart. This plastic is not recyclable or biodegradable. 

Each Matoke individual coffee bag membrane is 100% compostable and will fully disintegrate in a suitable warm damp environment in approximately 3 months.


A unique blend of Uganda and Burundi Arabica beans featuring an aromatic, well-rounded flavour.

An excellent choice for those who want to enjoy a longer-lasting roasted coffee in under 5 minutes with no equipment needed.  


The coffee inside this coffee bags comes from DR Congo.

Perfect for the smooth coffee lover who wants to enjoy a barista quality cup of joe in 3 minutes.

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