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How to Use Aeropress ?

Aeropress is a manuel coffee maker designed by Alan Adler. It enables you to obtain rich, smooth, low acidity coffee without bitterness with the air pressure (2-3 bar) it applies.

This easily portable and practical equipment consists of a heat resistant plastic cylindrical chamber and a plunger with an airtight silicone seal. It is considered to be similar to French Press as it uses application of pressure, but it has a completely different working mechanism. We can compare the way the Aeropress works to a large injector. Unlike drippers, it uses air pressure which forces water through by pushing the plunger down. Drippers use gravitational forces to do so.

As it is an easy to use coffee maker, "How to use the Aeropress ?" question remains simple. There are many different ways to correctly use Aeropress. Start with basic steps and then experiment on your own to find out your favourite method. Below in our brewing guide you can find out some methods (inverted brewing method), recommendations (grinding size) and tips that will make your job easier.  

A must for brewing a great coffee is, without doubt, having a good coffee bean that roasted and finely ground to adjust to your tastes.

Grinding Coarseness Matters

Grinding Coarseness  Matters !

You might have heard this everywhere and it is also necessary to do so. Just before brewing, with a grinder, grind 15 g of coffee to a texture slightly finer than sea salt. (medium-fine coarseness)

​If it is too coarse or too fine, there will be differences in taste and aroma. So grinding at the correct coarseness (or fineness) is vital to match ideal taste.

Aeropress coffee is concentrated. It can be diluted to your taste.

Inverted Brewing Method

Heat 240 g of water to 92-94 ° C. Insert a paper filter into the Aeropress's black filter cap. Rinse the filter and cap.

Place Aeropress on your scale with the flared end up and add your 15 g ground coffee into brewing chamber. Insert 240 g water into chamber, stir it for 5-10 seconds and fasten the cap. (be sure to stir thoroughly)

Flip the whole assembly over with carefully. Position it atop your mug and begin applying downward pressure. Slowly press the coffee through the
paper filter. The brewing process will take approximately 20 seconds. The coffee concentrate will drip directly down into your cup.

There​ are alternatives that you can make with Aeropress. Cold Brew and espresso style highly concentrated drinks are among them. There are also more advantages of using Aeropress. It is easy to clean and very suitable for experimental work by changing the grinding, time, coffee & water settings. Also it allows the use of paper or metal filters. Thanks to its plastic structure, you will not have the fear of breaking.

Informations in this article are just to get you started. Experiment with your brewing method and adjust to your tastes and preferences.

Tips for Using Aeropress

Tips for Using Aeropress

Cold Brew with Aeropress

Recommended coffee to water ratio is 1:4. Use 15 g finely ground dark roasted coffee and 60 g cold water. Stir ground coffee and water for 60 seconds.


Slowly apply pressure to the cylinder, making sure to push the liquid through the filter within 30 seconds.

Wetting Filter, Cap and Mug

Rinse the filter and cap with hot water before brewing. By doing this, you help the filter adhere to the cap. Filter is also purified from its bad smell.


By the way, pre-heated equipments retains temperature of your beverage longer. 

Inverted Method

Using this method allows the coffee grounds to be fully immersed in the water before brewing, making for a more consistent cup.

Do Remember !

Aeropress vs Aeropress Go ?


Aeropress Go is specifically designed for traveling (compact and lightweight) but its capacity is slighty less. By the way, you can get same amount (1-3 shots) of espresso style drinks from both. 

Water Temperature ?

Boiling water will make your drink bitter. We recommend 92-94 ° C water. You should be careful not to burn your hand in the inverted brewing method.

High Acidity ?

Much less acidity you get with Aeropress compared to French Press.



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